Fotile Promotion/ Sale/ Lowest Price in Malaysia

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1. Glass Door
-Triple Glazed door with LOW-E Glass, heat reduction is better compared to regular tempered glass
– Most oven doors have ventilation holes at the top facing inside the oven, so it is possible that oil gets blown into the door and trapped in between the layers of glasses. Fotile ventilation holes are hidden behind the black panel, preventing oil from getting into the glass

2. Visibility
– Most oven has the light bulb at the back, hence it is not bright enough, if you are baking or roasting, it will be blocking the light.
Fotile on the other hand has the light bulb placed at the middle (front).

3. Wide coverage of heating,
As per photo the heating element covers almost 90% of the width of the oven while some brands 60 – 80%.


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