Model S-60 S-80
Tank capacity 60 gal 80 gal
Solar collector quantity 20 pcs 24 pcs
Solar absorption area 3.21 m2 4.05 m2
Suitable for family size 4-5 persons 6-8 persons
Hot water supply Inner copper within hot water storage tank
Inner coil diameter 15mm (1/2”)
Inner coil length 25 meter
Total weight (dry) 40 kg 50kg
Operating weight 270 kg 410 kg
Foot print dimension 1.8m D x 1.7m W x 1.0m H 1.8m D x 2.0m W x 1.0m H
Frame material Aluminum
Hot water temperature 60 ~ 70 deg C (Outlet) / 80~99 deg C (Hot Water Tank)
Heat preservation 65~70 hours
Initial start up time for heating 4~5 hours

Hot water storage tank

Type Fully insulated and non-pressurised type
Inner tank material 1.2mm thick Stainless Steel 304, food grade
Outer tank material Stucco Aluminum
Tank insulation 60mm Polyurethane Foam
Operating pressure Up to 6 Bar

Solar collector

Glass material Double layer high borosilicate glass with low emission coating
Dimension of solar collector 58mm Dia. X 1.8m Length
Coating material ALN / AIN-SS/CU
Heat insulation Vacuum layer
Accessories Back-up heater, Auto-control Filing Diaphragm Valve, Heat Relief Device
Back-up heater specification CSA approved, 220 VAC, single phase, 2.4 kw, 10A


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