Modern Depot VICTORIA – Lying Massage Tub




Model Victoria
Size (mm) 2100(w)×1200(d)×620mm(h)


Function Features

Whirlpool massage 1.5Hp pump
Waterfall massage 1.5HP pump
Hydro massage 0.75
Heater warmer 3kw
Ozone system
Touch control panel
Color lighting jets
Elevate faucets and hand shower
Water cleaning system
Water level sensor
Leakage protection
Water Shortage Protection
Product Detail

Material – Acrylic
Frame – Stainless Steel
Whirlpool Pump 1HP – 1pc
Waterfall Pump 1.5 HP – 1pc
Induction-Type Motion Sensor – 1pc
Touch Screen Control Panel – 1 set
Adjustable Big Jet – 4 pcs
Middle Jet – 6 pcs
Color Light Jet – 8 pcs
Elevating Faucet – 1 set
Waterfall Intake – 1 pc
Hand Shower – 1pc
Drainer – 1 set
Overflow – 2 pc
Pillow – 2 pcs
Heater pump – 1pc
Ozone device – 1pc


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