Fotile JQG9031 Hood



Model : JQG9031
Product size (mm) : 896 (w) X 405 (d) X 434 (h)
Type : Ducted
Material : Black Tempered Glass Surface
Unrestrained airflow (m3/h) : 1750
Noise level (db) ≤55
Illumination (W) : 1.5 x 2
Control Panel : Wave & Soft Touch Control

Other features :
▪ AC motor with air pressure up to 460Pa
▪ Noise level ≤55dB
▪ Nano-coating for easy cleaning
▪ Large oil cup
▪ Plate can open 135o for easy cleaning
▪ Magnetic filter for easy assemble and dismantle during cleaning
▪ Screen lock function
▪ Wave to switch on the hood


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