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 A) Specification Model GEG88201
Product size (mm) 880(w) X 520(d)
Built-in size (mm) 700-840 (w) X 400-480 (d) X 70.5 (h)
Type 2 burners gas hob
Surface Material Tempered glass
Power (kW) L: 5.35 R:5.35
Other features :  

▪ 5.35kW heat load

▪ ≥60% heating efficiency

▪ Timer up to 180 minutes on both burners

▪ Smart sync with AMG9007-I and JQG9009X

▪ 7+n adjustable flame levels

▪ 12 Safety Features

▪ Flame Failure Device (FFD)

▪ Fast Ignition


1. Smart Sync
Sync gas hob with range hood. Upon gas hob ignition, range hood automatically turns on to remove cooking smoke.
*Sync function is only available for gas hob model GEG88201.

2. Smart Flame
7+n Adjustable Flame Levels
Easy to identify and accurately control flame levels.

5.35kW High Flame Power
From lowest 0.28kW to a maximum 5.35kW high flame power, the EPS-i provides a stable flame with efficient heating, achieving more than 60% heating efficiency. This allows for fast cooking while minimizing gas consumption, delivering an optimum level of flame for your cooking needs.

3. Smart Timer
180-minutes timer. Constant monitoring is no longer needed. It automatically turns off the fire at desired time, eliminating the chaos in the cooking process.
*Timer function is only available for gas hob model GEG88201.

4. Flexi Cut-Out Size With a customizable range of 700-840 (w) x 400-480mm (d), changing your hob is much easier.

5. Instant Ignition
0-second ignition with fast ignition feature.

6. Safety Features
a. Auto cut-off gas for continuous cooking up to 4 hours.
*This function is only available for gas hob model GEG88201.

b. 4-Layer Explosion Proof Panel. Safeguard you and your family.

c. Equipped with 12 safety features for you to cook in a peace of mind


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