Fotile GEG88201 Gas Hob – LATEST 2024 (New)

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Fotile GEG88201 is the lasted gas hob for 2024, upgraded flame power EPS-i with 5.35kW (efficiency more than 60%, stronger than other brand 6kW). It comes with auto shut off timer for both left and right burners. For Promo and best price in town, drop by our showroom today.


 A) Specification Model GEG88201
Product size (mm) 880(w) X 520(d)
Built-in size (mm) 700-840 (w) X 400-480 (d) X 70.5 (h)
Type 2 burners gas hob
Surface Material Tempered glass
Power (kW) L: 5.35 R:5.35
Other features :  

▪ 5.35kW heat load

▪ ≥60% heating efficiency

▪ Timer up to 180 minutes on both burners

▪ Smart sync with AMG9007-I and JQG9009X

▪ 7+n adjustable flame levels

▪ 12 Safety Features

▪ Flame Failure Device (FFD)

▪ Fast Ignition


1. Smart Sync
Sync gas hob with range hood. Upon gas hob ignition, range hood automatically turns on to remove cooking smoke.
*Sync function is only available for gas hob model GEG88201.

2. Smart Flame
7+n Adjustable Flame Levels
Easy to identify and accurately control flame levels.

5.35kW High Flame Power
From lowest 0.28kW to a maximum 5.35kW high flame power, the EPS-i provides a stable flame with efficient heating, achieving more than 60% heating efficiency. This allows for fast cooking while minimizing gas consumption, delivering an optimum level of flame for your cooking needs.

3. Smart Timer
180-minutes timer. Constant monitoring is no longer needed. It automatically turns off the fire at desired time, eliminating the chaos in the cooking process.
*Timer function is only available for gas hob model GEG88201.

4. Flexi Cut-Out Size With a customizable range of 700-840 (w) x 400-480mm (d), changing your hob is much easier.

5. Instant Ignition
0-second ignition with fast ignition feature.

6. Safety Features
a. Auto cut-off gas for continuous cooking up to 4 hours.
*This function is only available for gas hob model GEG88201.

b. 4-Layer Explosion Proof Panel. Safeguard you and your family.

c. Equipped with 12 safety features for you to cook in a peace of mind


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