Aquaphor Viking Pro (POE water filter)


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Made in Europe : 5 years warranty

If you are looking for the best and compact POE water filter for your new condo, Aquaphor Viking Pro is your choice. Aquaphor Viking Pro is the latest outdoor filter or POE Water Filter designed for Condominiums and Apartments

Specifications :

Dimensions (D × W × C) : 235 x 260 x 606mm
Inlet/Outlet Size : 3/4″
Housing Material : Glass Fiber Filled Polymer
Capacity : 150,000L (Washable to increase capacity)
Filtration : 5 Micron
Warranty : 5 Years on Housing
Recommended Usage : Indoor (Condominium & Apartments)


–  Provides superior water quality similar to drinking water with Carbon Block, Aqualen and Silver Technology, removes more than 100 types of water contaminants. With such clean water, it
prolongs the life of tap fittings and home equipment that requires water, reducing matainence cost and increases durability.
–  Reduces skin irritation due to contaminated water.
–  Ensures crystal clear water for laundry use, no more yellow stain on your clothes due to contaminated water.

Space saving & no need for drain pipe.
For most condos you can only install water filter in tight areas such as meter room where there is no drainage pipe for backwash. This cartridge type filtration only requires minimal space and no backwash required. If the cartridge is clogged, you can easily remove it and clean it in the bathroom, hence no drain pipe is required. (bypass piping is recommended for the installation)

Simple to install and use
Designed for easy installation and maintenance with the quick-release fittings. You will not need any tools to replace filters on your own.

High Capacity
With the corrugated design, it is able to hold much more dirty compared to regular filter. Removable cartridge design allows you to wash the outer layer to increase dirty holding capacity.

High Flow Rate
Unlike most membranes filter in the market with filtration of 0.01 micron, Aquaphor Viking Pro is only 5 micron, using Carbon Block technolgy and patented Aqualen to remove water contaminants such as Cholrine that even membrane filters is unable to filter out. Aqualen is a unique fibrous material created by Aquaphor. Due to its hydrophilic properties, Aqualen fiber facilitates water flow through the cartridge reduces the drop of water pressure.



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